Research Interests

3D Geospatial Rendering

Rendering of and interaction with large-scale 3D data derived from photogrammetric reconstructions or laser scans. Runtime integration of multiscale data from kilometer to sub-milimeter range.

Visual Analytics

Strong interest in domain-specific design of visualizations for exploring, analysing, and interpreting heterogeneous data. Domain experience in:
planetary science & geology, urban planning, and tunnel surface documentation

Integration of spatial and non-spatial data

Efficient and intuive integration to allow users to seamlessly switch between 3D real-time rendering views and 2D visual analysis view, including mutual embedding.

Knowledge Communication

Communication of research results and goals or technical knowledge in oral and written form for audiences with various expertise, including peers, domain experts, customers, or the general public.

PRo3D - Planetary Robotics 3D Viewer

PRo3D, short for Planetary Robotics 3D Viewer, is an interactive 3D visualization tool to allow planetary scientists to work with high-resolution 3D reconstructions of the Martian surface.

PRo3D aims to support planetary scientists in the course of NASA's and ESA's missions to find signs of life on the red planet by exploring high-resolution 3D surface reconstructions from orbiter and rover cameras. The reconstructions are provided by our partner Joanneum Research.

TSID - Tunnel Surface Inspection and Documentation Viewer

TSID is the 3D viewer component integrated in Dibit8, an application for the inspection and documentation of large infrastructure tunnels developed by Dibit Messtechnik GmbH

We visualize surface reconstructions derived from laserscans and high-resolution images provided by our partner Joanneum Research. Our solution comprises a suite of tools to virtually measure and annote high-resolution tunnel surfaces identifying sub-milimeter cracks and calculate the volume difference between construction phases.


selected - see google scholar for full list

Outreach and Invited Talks



2017 - present Project manager, VRVis, Vienna, TSID(Dibit8)
Project planning, design and realization of features, and communication of results.
2016 - 2018 Functional Programming, VRVis, Vienna, PRo3D / TSID(Dibit8)
Planning and realization of functional rewrite of PRo3D and TSID Viewer in F#. Both application had been in development for 7+ years.
2016 - present Project manager, VRVis, Vienna, PRo3D
Project planning, design and realization of features, and communication of results in a multitude of space related projects supporting PRo3D.
2012 - 2016 Software Engineer & Researcher, VRVis, Vienna, PRo3D
Research and development of PRo3D in accordance with planetary scientists.
2012 - 2016 Ph.D. Researcher, VRVis, Vienna, VISAR - Visual Analytics and Rendering
Fundamental research project concerned with the seamless integration of 3D spatial and non-spatial data, by combining 3D real-time visualizations and information visualization views. This integration is essential to civil engineering, urban planning, or disaster management, to only name a few. We published a conceptual framework and two design studies in the context of 3D visibility analysis and lighting design.
2008 - 2012 Software Engineer & Researcher, VRVis, Vienna, Dibit7
Development of the core visualization component within a tunnel documentation application (precursor of TSID).


2012 - present Ph.D., TU Wien, Vienna, ongoing.
Doctoral Programme in Technical Sciences
2007 - 2008 M.Sc., University of Hull, Kingston upon Hull, Distinction.
Computer Graphics
2006 - 2007 M.Sc., School of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna, Vienna, Distinction.
Software Engineering
2003 - 2006 B.Sc., School of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna, Vienna.
Computer Science


PRo3D and TSID are realised within the Aardvark Platform, a collection of awesome, open source, libraries for interactive high-performance visual computing and graphics applications.